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Angela Santacruz

Real Estate Expert Strategist


Don't be fooled by the smile. Angela is an experienced equestrian specializing in high jumps. She's tough as nails and brings that to negotiating. Angela likes hanging out in dog parks.

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Renyel Rivero


License Number: 0707434

Renzo Rossato

Real Estate Expert Strategist


His favorite food is “Niños Envueltos.” Sounds creepy! Anyway, Renzo played volleyball in school and brings his competitive edge to Real Estate.

Renny Plus Seve Real Estate Experts Team


Severiano Fernandez

Broker Owner


Severiano Fernandez and Renyel Rivero (Renny Seve Team ) are the managing brokers of Worldwide Select Group, Inc. WSG is a real estate consulting company with a tight team of sales agents that provide support to the Renny Plus Seve Team. Renny and Seve have each testified in dozens of Foreclosure cases as expert witnesses in Civil Court Hearings. They are well versed with the Foreclosure Process from the first default of payment to the sale of the REO. Their expertise is well recognized in the South Florida area having been interviewed by several news stations and Newspapers. Together, they have worked on over 1200 Short Sales and REO’s. Accomplished Real Estate Brokers with demonstrated success in asset management and disposition of distressed properties. Experienced in all facets of Real Estate , Mortgage and Financing. Proven ability to assess client needs; establish rapport, build trust, and close deals. Record of achievement with outstanding success in building partnerships and maintaining client relationships . Highly qualified with exceptional communication and strong leadership skills to effectively resolve problems and provide superior service. Memberships: NAHREP ( National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals) Board Member 2016 NAR ( National Association of Realtors) FAR (Florida Association of Realtors) Miami Realtor Association NAEA ( National Association of Expert Advisors) Awards/ Recognition: #27 of NAHREP Top 250 Agents in North America Top 50 Real Estate Teams in Florida and Top 1% of Teams in Miami Dade county As per Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal. Qualifications: Real Estate and Mortgage Broker in the State of Florida Certified Home Buying Advisor and Certified Home Selling Advisor by the NAEA National Association of Expert Advisors REOtrans Equator certified RESnet certified Certified REO Specialist Certified Short Sale Specialist Expert in Advanced Negotiation Techniques Advanced Commercial REO Valuations Certified Testified in over 130 Court Hearings on matters related to the Foreclosure process and sale of homes Preferred South Fl Broker for: -Fannie Mae -Freddie Mac -Penny Mac -Nationstar -Sam Reo -PMH -Bank of America -Chase -IAS Integrated Asset Services -Nationwide REO Broker -First American REO Servicing -Solutionstar -Skyhill Specialties: - Residential Real Estate - Pre and New construction - Residential and commercial management - Disposition and valuation of assets. - Exponential marketing of assets in advance online social integration